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Playful as children, Cuddly as teddy-bears, pure as angels, sweet as love!

The Munchkin cat was first introduced to the general public in 1991 via a national network televised cat show held by The International Cat Association (TICA) in Madison Square Garden. Critics predicted that the breed would develop back, hip and leg problems similar to those that plague some Dachshunds. Amidst much controversy, the Munchkin was proposed as a new breed by foundation breeders Laurie Bobskill and Robert Bobskill of Massachusetts and accepted by TICA into its New Breed development program in September 1994. One veteran show judge resigned in protest, calling the breed an affront to breeders with ethics. The Munchkin achieved TICA Championship status in May 2003.
I have been involved in breeding and showing Munchkins with TICA, since 2009. My cats and kittens are family members and are raised in my home. Kittens are socialized with children, a chichuchua and myself. My kittens are sold on a strict Spay/Neuter contract, so don't expect your TICA registration papers until you had provided me with proof of Spay/Neuter from your vet. I accept deposits and payment thru PayPal. I Do NOT take checks so please do not ask.


MiniPurz Munchkins
Available Kittens
  1. Blue/White Female Born 3/31
    Blue Standard Female
  2. Same Female
  3. Same Female
  4. Black Female born 4/17
    Black Standard Female She maybe a dark Chocolate her belly is brown.
  5. Same Black Female
    Born 4/17/18
Reserved                   Reserved          Reserved
​We would like to take this opportunity to thank our kitten buyers who have had Deposits on Future Kittens since January. These two girls, are the only Standard Munchkin kittens we have available, until Some time in May. The father of these kittens is a Standard Lilac Classic Tabby!
     We have a couple of Non-Standards available as playmates to your standards, contact us if you are interested.
Next Litter Due
In May 2018

We place kittens on our waiting list before we post available kittens. To be placed on the waiting list, contact us for Details.

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Standard vs Non-Standard

Here  we will discuss leg length. Standard refers to Short legs (dwarfism) vs. Non-Standard(NS) a normal leg lenth.
      A litter of Munchkin kittens can and probably will have both standard, and non-standard kittens. However, one parent must have standard leg lenght in order to produce standard kittens. Only standard kittens are viewed as Munchkins to some pet owners, and this just is NOT TRUE! Both standard and NS kittens are registered in TICA and have the same loving qualities & traits.
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !